18-35-year-olds spend five days a year browsing food images on Instagram.

We have the skills to turn food, drink, retail brands as well as local Restaurants and Cafes into Instagram hot-spots and lifestyle brands, defined by their visual identity & use of social media as well as their food.


For Restaurant & Cafes


Social Restaurant Marketing

Instagram is sitting at the center of trends in food and beverages. We have the skills to turn your Restaurant and Cafe into Instagram hot-spots, defined by your visual identity & use of social media as well as your food, designed with Instagram in mind.

Social Concept Development
Instagram Triggers
Menu Consulting & Stunt Food
Food Styling

For Food & lifestyle brands


Social Food Marketing

Our mission is to create mouth-watering successful brands. We build unique brands and food concepts, know about the latest social food trends, and create campaigns and experiences that engage industry tastemakers, peak customers' appetites and fire up brands.

Creative Brand Campaigns
Product Development
Seeding & Collaborations
Content Creation with Influencer
Social Media Take-Over
Market Entrance & Launch Strategy


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How we get started


→ Social Listening & Online Analysis
→ Business analysis
→ Customer Behaviour Analysis
→ Trends research
→ Developing a strategy, concept, campaigns, and content
→ Implementing and managing of the concept


What's in for you?


→ New customers acquisition
→ Local awareness for your restaurant or brand
→ Online and/or Foot Traffic
→ Filling gaps of revenue
→ Increase sales
→ Promotion of new products or dishes
→ Make your restaurant become the Instagram Bait