Food Experience - how we eat in 2018

“Food is no longer seen just as fuel for the body: it has become a currency that can be traded online for social status.”

It is a known fact that social media changes food culture by influencing the way we eat, what we eat, and where we eat. On social media, people share their experiences in restaurants & cafes, their shopping basket, the latest recipes they tried and get ideas on new ways to relate to food. They have adopted new lifestyles based on things trending on Facebook and Instagram.

In 2018 we can expect this trend to keep on growing and this is why restaurants, chefs, and brands need to know what will appeal to their existing consumers and attract new ones.

Being aware of the latest and upcoming trends, helps with creating new menus, styling your dishes, creating customer touch-points in your place and developing new products that will be more appealing to consumers.

We did a research to find out what will be trending in 2018 and what food trends you should watch out for. Here are the top trends you should be aware of:

Meet the food - consumers main interest is not anymore only where their food is coming from and what' s in inside, they want to be involved in the preparation. They want to see the process, be involved and share this experience via social media. 



The new breakfast - breakfast or brunch (call it how you like) keeps on booming. Not only for mornings but till late afternoon. Comfort, company, and uncomplicated make brunching a new fusion-trend. 

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Female Connoisseurs - we can see more and more #womanpower in all industries and the food industry is definitely one of them. The “female taste” is very different from the male, and will dominate in the future by bringing new tastes and cuisines in focus. Here are some names that we am sure all of you have heard of– Deliciouslly Ella,  Johanna Maier, Jacqueline Pfeiffer, Nigella Lawson and many more



Having these trends in mind, you can start implementing them into your restaurant experience and food marketing.

Always keep in mind – people use social media to communicate about their food preferences and to discuss innovative approaches to eating – this is why it's so important to watch out for trends and make sure you're part of the discussion.


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