4 Instagrammable food trends to try this summer

Last summer Instagram was filled with mouth-watering pictures of edible cookie dough, rolled ice cream and frozen rosé. While these trends will most likely still be around this summer, they'll be joined by some other innovative goodies.

This summer foodies are craving sweeter treats, robust flavours and diverse culinary adventures.

Social media remains one of the biggest drivers to spread these new trends and help them become popular.  Millennials love to share their delicious experiences with their followers and friends. The crazier and the more exceptional the better. No matter if it’s about quirky coloured ice cream, carefully arranged bowls or any other picture-perfect food trend. 
As a food brand or restaurant owner, it’s important to stay ahead of new trends and take the initiative to implement them early on. 

Here's a look at 4 delicious trends to watch out for this summer:

1) Coffee Shakes: Indulge in this Coffee Shake Porn

Extreme visuality in coffees

Coffee is rapidly increasing in popularity among younger generations. The fastest growing demographic of coffee drinkers is the age group between 13 to 18 years old. 

Due to this rapid growth, the coffee industry is changing and focuses on the creation of new drinks that appeal to the taste and desires of the younger generations.
While many older people like the bitterness of black coffee, younger generations usually prefer sweeter and creamier beverages.

For Millennials it’s all about rainbow lattes, unicorn frappuccinos and glittery drinks. In 2018 baristas are certainly putting more effort into making their drinks not only delicious but visually appealing as well. Instagram and Pinterest are probably the most valuable tools for baristas to seek inspiration and to interact with the barista community.

The crazier and more outstanding the product, the more likely it is to go viral on Social Media. Not gonna lie, we can’t get enough of creamy shakes filled to the brim with ice cream and topped with cookies, brownies, sprinkles and whipped cream.


  • Meringue
  • Coffee milkshake
  • Sprinkle
  • Honey
  • Kellogg's Unicorn Froot Loops 
  • Whipped Cream


2) Espresso Tonic

Nope, not an elaborate prank. This is a legit and surprisingly delicious new trend made of quality espresso, tonic water and ice. Perfect for those hot summer days. It already filled our Instagram feeds last year and is still expected to go strong this year.

For the right coffee flavour, we use „SIDAMA ROYAL“ Espresso from Qbo. The machine uses aluminium free coffee cubes and almost feels like your personal Barista preparing your freshly brewed coffee. 

We think this modern twist on the classic iced coffee is going to move from hipster photo trend to mainstream drink and skyrocket in popularity once the sun comes out. 



3) Yellow is the new green

Attention millennials! Watch out for the new trend fruit of 2018 or rather an old one suddenly stealing avocados the show. The new star in the spotlight is the pineapple.

They are not only a yummy snack but also prove that there is no other fruit that it as popular to wear as an accessory this summer. 

Apart from their juicy and sweet taste, they are also good for your body. Pineapples are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which are great for cell repair and healthy digestion. 

The pineapple trend calls for lots of new Hawaiian inspired recipes. Time to try out new creations!


  • pinapple
  • icecream
  • coconut flakes
  • sprinkles


4) Shades of purple

If delicious meals in various bright purple colours haven’t flooded your Social Media feeds yet, they will soon. One of Instagram’s latest food trends is Ube.

Ube is a main food source in the Philippines and while it’s been around in Filipino cooking for ages it’s only gaining popularity as of recently. It’s a root vegetable similar to sweet potatoes and if added to your recipes it magically turns everything into a stunning purple colour. Believe it or not, it’s 100% natural and tastes yummy on top of it, even though nobody can really explain what it tastes like. While some say it’s almost like a white chocolate flavour others are convinced it tastes like a mixture of pistachio, vanilla and coconut. 

It’s commonly used in ice creams, cocktails, donuts, macaroons and much more. At our last Brunch Club Pop-Up we created 2 dishes with Ube, an Ube Cheesecake & Ube Tofu Scramble, check out the pictures on Instagram or Facebook.

What are your favourite food highlights this summer? Share yours with #BrunchClubVienna

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