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Who doesn’t love to eat, discover new dishes, new places and share it with the world? 

We all do, don’t we!

The Brunch Club is not just a Pop-Up Event series, but a platform for all us foodies to meet, hear our stories and share our passion.

That’s why we started a new series - a “Foodie Stories”, where we will introduce you to you chefs, restaurant owners, food bloggers and much more.

To kick of this series, we chose a very dear friend of ours who is known in the Foodie community for always sharing new places, dishes that she tried, how they taste (she always stays true to herself - so don’t be surprised that sometimes you might find some not so positive reviews). Her Instagram account is an inspiration for most of us when choosing where to go out for lunch or dinner or a delicious ice cream. 

Meet Sothany, the lady behind Viennaeats and read all about her food story:


Tell us shortly about yourself and what do you do?

My name is Sothany, I am German with Cambodian roots. I work in a PR agency and I am the lady behind Viennaeats, a platform where I share new places, different dishes, from Vienna but also from around the world.

How and why did you start Viennaeats?

I started Viennaeats in 2013. I posted so much food on my personal Instagram account that my friends felt annoyed with it and this is why I decided to start a second account dedicated to that. Then I got a lot of feedback that is very helpful what I do because I share new place, dishes, and also what I like and what don’t like and this is how it continued. 

Generally my food passion started when I came to Vienna. Where I come from we don’t have all this variety and once here I started trying different food, as I did Japanese Studies I was interested in Japanese food and I started looking up for different Japanese restaurants and that is how I started getting into this. 

I started with my home district, 7th district and then thought that there might be nice restaurants in other districts too and I started exploring. 

Do you remember what place was your first post? 

My first posting was actually from Japan.

How do you choose the places?

I don’t look actively, just walking down the street I start noticing places that look interesting and I note them down. I have a list in my phone where I save the places I want to try. Currently I think I still have 30 places of my list. Usually when I am in the area I check my list and then go and try it out.

How often do you try new places?

Once a week. I still go to my favourite restaurants, but I try to check once a week something new. I am very spontaneous when it comes to food, and when I get hungry I quickly go through my list and if there is nothing I fancy at that moment then I go to something I already know.

Do you cook yourself? Where did you learn how to cook?

I cook a lot myself. I am good at making dumplings from scratch. I am good at that but for example I am bad at backing. Also I can cook Cambodian dishes because of my mum. I would cook with my mum on the phone asking for recipe and tips but she usually doesn't know the name of the ingredients in German and she would send me pics of how it looks. Thank God we have Whatsapp now and she can send me pictures and then I can see what she is referring to. 10 years ago it was a bit more difficult.

I make a very good curry, also vegan curry!

And, my specialty is the rice from my mum. It is directly imported from fields in Cambodia and you cannot buy it anywhere here. It simply takes differently. You need to try it to know what I mean. (she promised next time to bring us some - got it on the record hahah).

What is your favourite cuisine?

That is hard, but I lived in Japan for a year so I have to say Japanese. Favourite dish is ramen and I am super happy that we have ramen in Vienna now. There are 4-5 places, so not that many.

I usually go to Kamaram. But I also like Kojiro 3. They import the noddles from a famous place in Dusseldorf that have this special noddles that I love. Always when I go home I go via Dusseldorf and stop at this place for Ramen. 

What is your favourite place in Vienna?

There are so  many but my favourite is Nguyen’s Pho House and my favourite dish there is  “Bun bo la lot” (rice noddles, fish sauce and minced beef wrapped in wine leaves and spring rolls). 

Favourite chef or foodie character worldwide?

There is a sushi chef in Japan who retired and unfortunately I cannot look it up.

If you could have brunch with 1 person who would it be and why?

Local - Michi Buchinger because he’s a really cool and fun guy.

International - Jiro Ono, the  most famous sushi chef I guess, who is already 93 years old :) I have great admiration for people who follow their passion for such a long period of time and strive for perfection!

And last but not least, with you The Brunch Girls!

Make sure you follow her journey to get inspired and stay up to date with the latest locations in Vienna. Also use #viennaeats to share with the other foodies your discoveries.

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